Top 10 Best Android Apps for Small Business

Top 10 Best Business Apps for Small Business in 2024

Hi Friends, These are the top 10 best apps for small business help you for multiple works in business. these apps helps you to increase business efficiency and increase profit for your business. In today’s digital era keep upgrading your self with new technologies and implement it into your business.

1. Zoom Cloud Meeting

Zoom is the one the most famous and best apps for small business for providing video conferencing facilities like meetings, webinars etc. in 100% Free without any charge. and most unique feature in zoom is in-build screen sharing feature. Zoom platform work in all types of devices Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android.

This Platform is officially founded by Eric Yuan. he is an Chinese American engineer and executive. zoom platforms helps businesses to conduct team meetings through internet.

Key Feature: High quality video conferencing, Screen Sharing, Contact Availability Status and zoom woks in all Systems. These are main key features in zoom app.

Free/Paid: Free

2. Basecamp 3

Every business owner have work loads and multiple project works related to different managements or faculty so that its complicated to remember every work. Basecamp 3 is best known project management apps for small business which help business owner to make to-do lists for every works you want to do, assign tasks and set due dates. Basecamp 3 also offers features like upload files, communicate with teammates and clients and collaborate.

Key Feature: Time Management, Easy Communication, Easy to Upload Files.

Free/Paid: $99/Month

3. Evernote (Best Apps For Small Business)

Evernote is the notes taking apps which helps to save important notes. Evernote manage all your notes effectively you can save and manage your info ether professional work related notes or personal notes in your smartphone. this app offer a most unique feature is link sharing you can share link of your notes to another person who don’t have Evernote App in there phone.

Key Feature: Very to save and manage notes, Easy to share note link with others, Scan business cards, More storage space(Premium).

Free/Paid: Free & $15/Month

4. Slack

Slack is cloud based platforms which helps in team collaboration this is professionally designed to replace email as your primary choice of communication and sharing. Slack Platform allow you to arrange communications by channels for team meetings, group discussion and allow for private messages to share info, files and more in every place.

Key Feature: Voice Call, Video Call, Easy Communication (Sent Messages to Groups or individuals).

Free/Paid: Freemium (Both)

5. Dropbox

Dropbox is the file sharing platforms like google drive. you can access your essential business documents from any where anytime through Dropbox. This is one of the best file uploading, sharing and synching app for small business because its very easy to use. you can share your files easily in Dropbox App. All your files are safe in cloud storage and backed up many times. its 100% secure Platform to share platforms

Key Feature: Upload Files, Photos and Videos From Anywhere, No any special software required.

Free/Paid: Freemium (Both)

6. Asana

Asana is a software as a service designed to help in team collaboration and work management. Asana helps your team members to manage tasks and projects in one Asana tool. your teams can easily create projects and assign to teammates, set deadlines and communicate about projects with team members directly in Asana Software.

Key Feature: These are the key features of Asana, Offers Customizable Dashboard, Subtasks assignment, Email Integration feature, Regular Notifications & Reminders, Adding Followers and Group Discussions.

7. Toggl

In today days, we are addicted to mobile phones and we don’t know where we spent times, so that Toggl is the time tracking tool which helps you to manage and track total time spent in different tasks so that you can reduce irrelevant works to do and save time to do relevant work for growing business. This is the one of the best App For Small Business Owner.

Key Feature: Organize timesheet by adding projects as new time entries, Integration with calendar, Notifications to track your activities.

Free/Paid: Free

8. FreshBooks

FreshBooks is the invoice creating app which helps businesses to create invoices quickly in some clicks to save times and give feature to create personalize invoices. the FreshBooks App helps you to reduce the time of sending and creating invoice for your business transactions. FreshBooks is helpful for small business. this small business app also gives features to track your expenses and you can also do online payments.

Key Feature: Create invoices Quickly, Keep Automatic payment records, Regular Track expenses, Helps in Time tracking and Client conversations.

Free/Paid: 15$ / month for 5 clients

9. Expense Manager

This App helpful for every business owners because for running business effectively its important to planning about Budgeting. this app helps you to manage your business budgets. Main feature of Expense Manager App to manage your bills and track expenses. Here you will get some additional features like currency converter, TIP Calculator and Interest calculator. This is the best app for small business accounting.

Key Feature: Regular Tracking expenses and incomes, Tracking tax, Write print and email check.

10. AirDroid: File Transfer/Manage

AirDroid is Outstanding app with there multiple unique features. this is one of the best file sharing and managing files from mobile and laptop. the app helps you to connects your phone with laptop wirelessly in just some clicks. so you can easily access all the mobile apps into laptop and use it without any issue.

Key Feature: Easy File Transfer, Remote access and control any phones, SMS & contacts management and Notification mirror.

Free/Paid: Free


So friends i explained everything about top 10 best business apps which helps you to grow your business fast and increase efficiency. you can use these apps for different different works in your business to minimize work time.

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