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Top 5 Unique Meal Delivery Service Startups Ideas

The industry that delivers meals has become popular over the recent past years. Where once the market could simply be described as an industry that dealt with diet and weight loss products it has turned into a several billion dollar industry that delivers fully prepared meals to the customers door.

Many new companies building their business in the meal delivery sector are in a position to disrupt the existing food sector by applying advanced technological solutions, catering to specific demand, and emphasizing the aspect of time saving.

In this article, five new prospects for a meal delivery service business model break will be presented.

1. Specialized Cuisine Meal Delivery

Although, new entrants, which can be startups, should ensure that they adopt a niche market in offering food delivery services by targeting outlets that do not receive orders from mainstream apps. This could be regional American dishes such as Cajun or Creole food options available at local restaurants.

Or it could mean providing stir-cooked food of ‘real’ ethnic flavor from countries such as India, Thailand or Ethiopia. Since your startup is offering something unique, going into particular specialty food markets and certain types of food that are rare is possible.

2. Nutrition-Focused Meal Plans

Some meal delivery services are already focused on diet meals, but the space is still open to more companies. It may be a good idea to partner with nutritionists and dietitians to develop a service of cooking exclusively for customers and for their health needs.

Whether the customer requires assistance with improving their heart or their gut health, diabetes or any other need, a customized meal plan can assist them in acquiring a specific amount of nutrients easily. Computers enable easy work on a huge number of variants, which means that it has become easier than ever to offer individualized solutions.

3. Local Sourcing and Sustainability

The population of the present days is conscious about the problems of sustainable food production and is willing to purchase products from local farmers. One of the ideas for a start up is the meal delivery service with the focus on ingredients, which are fresh and sourced locally.

It also helps in identifying and working with small-scale producers and sourcing food from nearby farms, which brings out the regional specialties.

Such policies as sustainability, known source of ingredients, and use of fair labor practices would be leveraged in reaching out to environmentally conscious customers of meal services.

4. Supper Club Subscriptions

Some examples of emerging restaurant types include supper clubs and pop-up restaurants, of which are commonly found in the urban markets.

The kind of experience the creative meal delivery startup described in the case could similarly be delivered in the customer’s homes. Create a subscription service where a select number of set meals are available each day with the ability for members to switch between themes based on cuisine, ingredients, and cooking methods.

It is for this reason that rarity and the element of surprise are some of the key attractions that make products appealing to consumers.

Continuing the concept of ‘Spotlighting Guest Celebrity Chefs’ may also help in augmenting the ‘VIP dining’ feel.

5. Prepared Dish Components

Another emerging solution is to deliver the ready-to-cook ingredients at home for people who do not have time to chop vegetables and slice meats. They include already cut up vegetables, ready-made sauces, measured proteins, and much more.

Some of them include developing meals hinged on ready-to-cook parts to ease the cooking process for customers. Smart digital integration such as the cooking instructions brings the idea further.

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Conclusion for Meal Delivery Service Startups

The meal delivery service market is standing at a very interesting crossroad right now. New generation startups can find their opportunities in the possibilities to influence the changing customer needs and preferences and establish themselves as niche players.

Five potential avenues for brand-new meal delivery services are the specialized cuisine, the personalized nutrition, the local sustainability, the surprise subscription, and the meal component kits. It has become high time for innovative start-ups to disrupt the food delivery market in order to satisfy the customer expectations of convenience, quality and differentiation which they experience when eating out at home.

There is no limit to thinking outside the box to create new business models that will ease the moments everyone dreads, mealtime while supporting food artists.

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